Recordings of the 2017 A Vision For You, Big Book Weekend are now available for purchase at

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Our Meeting Schedule

Live Meetings – Monday through Friday

7am – 8am (recorded) AND 8am – 9am (unrecorded) ET
10am – 11am (recorded) ET

Phone:  712-432-5210   Conf. ID: 876148#

Sunday Special Edition Live Meeting      Time:  8:30 am  ET

    • September 17:  “Finding Neutrality – Safe and Protected”
    • September 24: “Pathway to a Miracle”
    • October 1: TBD

* Question and Answer segment to follow each meeting

Recorded Meetings Archive:   Phone:  712-432-5203     Conf ID: 876148   

* There are telephone recordings available for the past 30 days of phone meetings.

* Press 0# to access the most recent recording.

Enter the Share ID Number, followed by the # sign, to access any of the other recordings.

Once the recording begins, press 4 to Rewind (#3 mins), Press 6 to Fast Forward (# 3 mins), or press 1 to Pause or Resume recording

All recordings are archived indefinitely, and can be accessed on the Daily Podcasts links, on this website.

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