July-September 2012

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28-Sep-2012More About Alcoholism34Click to Play
27-Sep-2012More About Alcoholism33Click to Play
26-Sep-2012More About Alcoholism32Click to Play
25-Sep-2012More About Alcoholism31Click to Play
24-Sep-2012More About Alcoholism30Click to Play
21-Sep-2012More About Alcoholism30Click to Play
20-Sep-2012There is a Solution29Click to Play
19-Sep-2012There is a Solution28Click to Play
18-Sep-2012Appendix II: Spiritual Experience567Click to Play
17-Sep-2012There is a Solution26Click to Play
14-Sep-2012There is a Solution25Click to Play
13-Sep-2012There is a Solution25Click to Play
12-Sep-2012There is a Solution24Click to Play
11-Sep-2012There is a Solution24Click to Play
10-Sep-2012There is a Solution23Click to Play
7-Sep-2012There is a Solution22Click to Play
6-Sep-2012There is a Solution21Click to Play
5-Sep-2012There is a Solution20Click to Play
4-Sep-2012There is a Solution19Click to Play
3-Sep-2012There is a Solution18Click to Play
31-Aug-2012There is a Solution17Click to Play
30-Aug-2012Bill W.'s Story16Click to Play
29-Aug-2012Bill W.'s Story15Click to Play
28-Aug-2012Bill W.'s Story14Click to Play
27-Aug-2012Bill W.'s Story13Click to Play
24-Aug-2012Bill W.'s Story12Click to Play
23-Aug-2012Bill W.'s Story11Click to Play
22-Aug-2012Bill W.'s Story11Click to Play
21-Aug-2012Bill W.'s Story9Click to Play
20-Aug-2012Bill W.'s Story8Click to Play
17-Aug-2012Bill W.'s Story8Click to Play
16-Aug-2012Bill W.'s Story7Click to Play
15-Aug-2012Bill W.'s Story5Click to Play
14-Aug-2012Bill W.'s Story5Click to Play
13-Aug-2012Bill W.'s Story4Click to Play
10-Aug-2012Bill W.'s Story2Click to Play
9-Aug-2012Bill W.'s Story1Click to Play
8-Aug-2012The Doctor's OpinionxxixClick to Play
7-Aug-2012The Doctor's OpinionxxxClick to Play
6-Aug-2012The Doctor's OpinionxxixClick to Play
3-Aug-2012The Doctor's OpinionxxviiiClick to Play
2-Aug-2012The Doctor's OpinionxxviiiClick to Play
1-Aug-2012The Doctor's OpinionxxviiClick to Play
31-Jul-2012The Doctor's OpinionxxviClick to Play
30-Jul-2012The Doctor's OpinionxxiiiClick to Play
27-Jul-2012Foreward to the 3rd EditionxxiiClick to Play
26-Jul-2012Foreward to the 2nd EditionxxClick to Play
25-Jul-2012Foreward to the 2nd EditionxixClick to Play
24-Jul-2012Foreward to the 2nd EditionxviiClick to Play
23-Jul-2012Foreward to the 2nd EditionxviClick to Play
20-Jul-2012Foreward to the 2nd EditionxvClick to Play
19-Jul-2012Foreward to the First EditionxiiiClick to Play
18-Jul-2012PrefacexiClick to Play