Special Editions – 2014

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DateTopicShare IDListen/Download
28-Dec-2014Step 11: “It’s A Process…” - Rick B. (MA)7144Click to Play
21-Dec-2014Chapter 2: There is a Solution (Step 11) - Sharon R.S. (MN)7128Click to Play
14-Dec-2014Utterly Abandon Ourselves: Personal Story - Elayne B. 7109Click to Play
7-Dec-2014Two-Fold Problem: The Doctor's Opinion and More About Alcoholism - Jo (MN)7090Click to Play
30-Nov-2014Steps 5,6,7: Simple As 1,2,3! - Scotty K (NY)
7073Click to Play
23-Nov-2014Topic: Attitude of Gratitude7057Click to Play
16-Nov-2014Abstinence Panel7040Click to Play
9-Nov-2014Topic: Lessons for OA from AA History - Lawrie C (MB)7020Click to Play
2-Nov-2014Chapter 4: We Agnostics - Janice P (MN)7002Click to Play
26-Oct-2014Do These Chapters Apply to ME? Chapters 8, 9, 10 - Marcella M (MA)6984Click to Play
19-Oct-2014Freedom from Obsession - Eddie C. (VA)6967Click to Play
12-Oct-2014The Promises: Fact or Fiction - Larry (IL)6949Click to Play
5-Oct-2014Chapter 3: More About Alcoholism - Harlan G (AZ)6933Click to Play
28-Sep-2014"Looking Back With the Light On" - Monica T6915Click to Play
21-Sep-2014"Life on the Other Side", Step 12 - Barbara A (NJ)6901Click to Play
14-Sep-2014"The Dark Past", Step 1: HOPE - Kristie M (OR)6878Click to Play
7-Sep-2014The Stream Of Life: Steps 10, 11 and 12 - Terry H. (ME)
6848Click to Play
31-Aug-2014Chapter 9: The Family Afterward - Katie F. (VA)6804Click to Play
24-Aug-2014Chapter 3: More About Alcoholism - Charles (NY)Click to Play
17-Aug-2014Step 9 Panel: Repairing the DamageClick to Play
10-Aug-2014Personal Story of Transformation - Berta F. (IL)Click to Play
3-Aug-2014Step 2 - Came to Believe - Scott KClick to Play
27-Jul-2014Step 12 - Working with Others Step - Kim G (NJ)Click to Play
20-Jul-2014A Vision For You 2nd Anniversary Special: The Twelve StepsClick to Play
13-Jul-2014Living Life in the Twelve Steps - Harlan & LouisaClick to Play
6-Jul-2014We Found the Great Reality Deep Down Within Us - Stacey W (WI)Click to Play
29-Jun-2014We Had But Two Alternatives - Mary F (FL)Click to Play
22-Jun-2014Serenity Prayer: A Prayer for All Seasons - Janice M (MA)Click to Play
15-Jun-2014Getting Unblocked: It's All About the Steps - Sally A (NJ)Click to Play
8-Jun-2014Personal Story of Transformation: "A Gift that Grows with Time" - Carol B (NY)Click to Play
1-Jun-2014Trudging the Road: Steps 10, 11, 12 - Roberta D (NY)Click to Play
25-May-2014By God's Grace and the Twelve Steps - Sharon H (CO)Click to Play
18-May-2014Step 3, Turning Our Will and Our Lives Over - Amy G (MD)Click to Play
11-May-2014Had to Find a Power by Which to Live - Jo M. (MN)Click to Play
4-May-2014What do we mean by ENTIRE abstinence?- Ruth (IL)Click to Play
27-Apr-2014Resentment - the Number ONE Offender - Larry (IL)Click to Play
20-Apr-2014Personal Story of Transformation: "Journey to Freedom" - Katie G. (MA)Click to Play
13-Apr-2014Step 2 Panel: “Came to Believe"Click to Play
6-Apr-2014A Manner of Living that Works! - Jill (NY)Click to Play
30-Mar-2014Personal Story of Transformation: "Taking a fellow through The Doctors Opinion" - Dew (NY)
Click to Play
23-Mar-2014Personal Story of Transformation: "I Did It God's Way, Not My Way" - Cliff C Click to Play
16-Mar-2014Divine Direction: Turning a Mess into a Message - Chelsea H (NJ)Click to Play
9-Mar-2014How about using the 12 Steps? - Phil D (NY)Click to Play
2-Mar-2014The Rewards of Program - Barbara A. (NJ)Click to Play
23-Feb-2014Sponsorship PanelClick to Play
16-Feb-2014How the First 100 Recovered - Marcella (MA)Click to Play
9-Feb-2014Steps 10, 11, 12: “Holding onto the Gift” - Don C (NY)Click to Play
02-Feb-2014Chapter 4: We Agnostics - Esther C. (ON)Click to Play
26-Jan-2014Personal Story of Transformation: "Smashing the Delusion" - Jo (MN) Click to Play
19-Jan-2014Personal Story of Transformation: - "It's a Miracle" - Larry (IL)Click to Play
12-Jan-2014Chapter 5: How It Works - Harlan G. (AZ)Click to Play
5-Jan-2014Double Whammy! (Lawrie C. - MB Canada)Click to Play