Special Editions – 2015

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DateTopicShare IDListen/Download
27-DecWhat is this but a Miracle of Healing? - Kathleen W (AZ) 8299Click to Play
20-DecWhat is a Real Compulsive Overeater? - Kim G (NJ)8285Click to Play
13-DecStep 10: Setting Right Any New Wrongs - Larry K (IL)8267Click to Play
6-DecRecovery from Relapse-Ending Our Countless Vain Attempts - John K (CA)8248Click to Play
29-NovSteps 1, 2, 3: "Honesty, Hope and Faith" - Renata G (NY)
8233Click to Play
22-NovTopic: Attitude of Gratitude8217Click to Play
15-NovPanel Discussion: A New World Came into View8200Click to Play
8-NovLiving in the Solution - Julie R (CA)8183Click to Play
25-OctPersonal Story of Transformation - Yolanda F (NY)8146Click to Play
18-OctPractice These Promises, Let’s Get Honest (Step 1) - Sally A. (NJ)8128Click to Play
11-OctHow Can We Get Permanent Recovery? - Phil D (NY)8102Click to Play
4-OctLiving in God's Design, Steps 10,11,12 - Bekah W (MD)8080Click to Play
27-SepIneffective Defense: The "ism" of My Illness - Chelsea H8028Click to Play
20-SepA Story Of Hope - Penny E (NJ)
8010Click to Play
13-SepOur Real Purpose - Jo M (MN)7995Click to Play
6-SepBeyond My Wildest Dreams - Rebecca F. (CT)
7976Click to Play
30-AugIdeas, Emotions and Attitudes - Esther C. (Can)7958Click to Play
23-AugPanel Discussion: Attitude of Gratitude7943Click to Play
16-AugPanel Discussion: The Family Afterward7929Click to Play
9-AugThe Breath of Life - Eirini (NY)7902Click to Play
2-AugStep 12: Working With Others - Marcella M (MA)7887Click to Play
26-JulKeeping It Simple - Penny C7871Click to Play
19-JulA Vision For You 3rd Anniversary Special: The Twelve Steps7841Click to Play
12-JulInto Action - Harlan G (AZ)7822Click to Play
5-JulFinding a HP to Support Your Recovery - Rena (NJ)7802Click to Play
28-JunRecovery Isn't Free - Sharon R-S (MN)7761Click to Play
21-JunYour Own Conception of a Higher Power - Charles H (NY)7749Click to Play
14-JunThe Miracle of Recovery: From Despair to Hope - Larry 7729Click to Play
7-JunPersonal Story of Transformation - Anita J (MA)7713Click to Play
31-MayRepairing the Damage - Step 9 Panel Discussion7695Click to Play
24-MayPersonal Story of Transformation "If I Can, You Can" - Deb W (OK)7662Click to Play
17-May12 Steps: If You Are Trying, You Are Lying - Phil D (NY)7648Click to Play
10-MaySearching For The Answer - Christine T (NJ)7541Click to Play
3-MayMy Transformation through The 12 Steps - Dew L (NY)7522Click to Play
26-AprWhat's Thinking Got To Do With It? - Chaya P (CO)7506Click to Play
19-AprChapter 2: There is a Solution (A Closer Look) - Harlan G (AZ)7487Click to Play
12-AprClearing the Path to the Promises: A FULL walk through the 12 Steps of Recovery - Scotty K (NY)7470Click to Play
5-AprA Story of Transformation: “Freedom Within” - Lauren S. (PA) 7452Click to Play
29-MarA Story of Transformation: "Rocketed to the 4th Dimension" - Bekah W (MD)
7432Click to Play
22-MarStep 3: Big Book Focused Look - Kim G (NJ)7412Click to Play
15-MarAcceptance is the Answer - Becky K (MD)7396Click to Play
8-MarWorking with Others: Lighting the Pathway to Freedom - Larry K (IL)7381Click to Play
1-MarFreedom from Bondage - Marcella M. (MA)7363Click to Play
22-FebFrom Darkness into the Light, A Story of Transformation - Sue L (MN)7348Click to Play
15-FebAA 12x12: Step 2 Panel (11 panelists)7330Click to Play
8-FebBill's Story - Harlan G (AZ)7310Click to Play
1-FebStep 4 Study, Pages 63-71 Instruction/Review - Ruth M (IL)7253Click to Play
25-JanDesign for Living That Keeps Obsession Away - Don C (NY)7233Click to Play
18-JanAA 12 & 12 Step One Panel7196Click to Play
11-JanChapter 4: We Agnostics - Lawrie C (MB)7179Click to Play
4-JanThe Doctor's Opinion - Harlan G. (AZ)7161Click to Play